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Admirers of sweet and pastry tasting strains will love Vanilla Kush, yet be mindful so as not to be baited in by the smooth fragrance and sweet taste; this bud sneaks up all of a sudden and isn't one for the cowardly. In the event that you haven't known about Vanilla Kush as of not long ago, where have you been covering up? This powerful bloom is one of our top picks, and we realize you will cherish it as well. That is the reason today we will be giving you a full overview on Vanilla Kush, so stay – you will love it!


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This properly named Dutch strain has THC levels that can reach as much as 20%, making for a casual body high that can be unreasonably incredible for some new clients. Experienced tokers, nonetheless, can ordinarily bring enough vitality to be dynamic in spite of the high. Elation and joy are additionally normal with Vanilla Kush Strain. This strain is useful for states of mind and joint inflammation torment. As anyone might expect, it tastes and scents of vanilla, with sweet lavender notes. The bud has a light green appearance that is likewise suggestive of vanilla.

Dry mouth is likely, however other antagonistic influences are gentle. Vanilla Kush Strain is for the most part indica (30:70 sativa/indica proportion), and it slides from a Kashmiri Hash Plant and an Afghani Kush. It’s generally well known in Colorado and Oregon, however it tends to be found somewhere else. Vanilla Kush Strain is anything but difficult to develop, settling on it a perfect decision for patients who develop at home, and it creates a high return. Because of its incredible high, newcomers and infrequent smokers may do well to maintain a strategic distance from this strain. In any case, it’s ideal for anybody looking for a pleasant, relieving body high.

Vanilla Kush Strain is a remarkable Dutch bud from Barney’s Farm in Amsterdam. Furthermore, with THC levels frequently transcending 20% it is without a doubt a hard-hitting strain. An indica-prevailing crossover, Vanilla Kush Strain has all that we love about the indica plants, yet with a cool wind.

At first showing up in the mid-1980’s, Vanilla Kush Strain is a fragile blossom. It consolidates the indica qualities of the absolute best Afghani hereditary qualities with the superbly clingy Hash Plant. This strain encapsulates all the magnificent mountain fragrances of the Kashmir valley from where its folks begin.

Sneaking up all of a sudden that can undoubtedly slip into sofa lock, we suggest that Vanilla Kush Strain is best for use in the nighttimes or around evening time. The individuals who are new to cannabis may do well to avoid this one because of its strong impacts.

This great bloom is especially well known in Colorado and Oregon, yet in addition accessible somewhere else. It came in runner up generally at the 2009 High Times Cannabis Cup grants – and we can perceive any reason why!


As the name recommends, the mark aroma of this strain is vanilla. This seriously sweet vanilla smell is combined with connotations of lavender. Vanilla Kush Strain is to be sure a ladylike strain that has executioner impacts.


The vanilla fragrance of this strain doesn’t stop there. After breathing in you can anticipate sweet notes of vanilla and citrus to grab hold, offering ascend to a practically smooth sense of taste.


Beside the general strong pleasantness of this bud, Vanilla Kush Strain is a downplayed looking plant. It has short to medium development and an unpretentious green shade sprinkled with bits of orange all through. Be that as it may, the significant returns of this plant – which produce huge buds with solid, heavenly aromas – make this a fantasy to develop!

Kind of High:

Vanilla Kush Strain cannabis initiates desensitizing body high together with inspiring cerebral happiness. Incites profound idea and reflection. Followed by profound body unwinding with great torment control. In higher dosages actuates lethargy, couchlock and rest.

Hereditary qualities:

Ancestry: Hindu Kush and Kashmir Hash Plant strains.

Health Benefits of Vanilla Kush

Because of the intense THC levels frequently surpassing 20% and CBD levels around 1%, this is a fantastic strain for therapeutic use. The high is amazing and carries with it an euphoric head high that is perfect for victims of uneasiness and despondency.

In obvious indica structure, Vanilla Kush Strain can possibly leave you in a peaceful stay in bed no time, making it perfect for the individuals who have a sleeping disorder or other resting issues because of disease. In spite of the fact that it is strong, some accomplished clients can move beyond the calming impacts and have a beneficial day still. Along these lines, there is extension to utilize this during the day, despite the fact that it is best for evening use.

The desensitizing body high of Vanilla Kush Strain is ideal for victims of torment, joint pain, and queasiness, making it a phenomenal alternative for victims of a scope of conditions. The impacts of Vanilla Kush are durable, once in a while surpassing two hours, so remember this when utilizing it for therapeutic purposes.

Vanilla Kush Strain has been known to take numerous clients on an excursion of profound idea. As the brain unwinds, it can frequently prompt self-revelation and interesting exercises. Buy Vanilla Kush Strain From Green Shop West online Now! Browse through our shop to get other top quality strains accessible at astounding costs.

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