Sunset Sherbert


Sunset Sherbert cannabis strain is an Indica predominant half breed. Sunset Sherbert maryjane instigates elevating cerebral rapture, reduces misery and stress. Improves state of mind and lifts inventiveness. Followed by unwinding and rest. Helps with nausea and pain.


The Sunset Sherbert Strain is a delectable and fruity strain with an extraordinary flavor profile. It tastes of sherbert, bubblegum, berries, and even has notes of a woods like newness. Sunset Sherbert Strain can truly assist with elevating your mind-set and spirits, and in this manner is a famous decision among those experiencing state of mind issue.

Sunset Sherbet Strain is additionally once in a while (mistakenly) alluded to as Sunset Sherbert (the spellings have gotten fairly tradable). It is a sweet and inebriating weed strain with a name that coordinates its elevating impacts and scrumptious flavor profile.

What’s more, obviously, clinical patients will likewise cherish the SS strain for its incredible state of mind modifying capacities, just as its abilities of shielding and recuperating the body from agony and aggravation.

Sunset Sherbet Strain goes about as an even medication that is perfect especially at night or after work hours. This is the place this half and half cannabis strain can sparkle best. The particular making of this variety was the adjusting of a fan-top choice, Girl Scout Cookies, yet we’ll clarify about this during our total Sunset Sherbert Strain survey.

What Is the Sunset Sherbert Strain?

Sunset Sherbert Strain is formally delegated an indica-predominant cannabis half breed, flaunting a 85% indica, 15% sativa proportion. As referenced above, it in part gets from the gigantically well known Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) strain. GSC has transformed into a worldwide wonder, with fans all over who are faithful to its upright high.

Notwithstanding being identified with Girl Scout Cookies, it is said that Sunset Sherbert Strain’s other parent is an outrageously named strain known as Pink Panties. It is named a cannabis indica and said to be a relative of the fruity and delectable Blackberry Kush. Be that as it may, little data is really comprehended about Pink Panties.

On the off chance that you can keep the hereditary cosmetics of the Sunset Sherbert Strain as a top priority, it won’t be hard to accept and fathom the data further introduced inside this survey. Sunset Sherbet Strain and its folks are strangely excessively comparative.

Most Sunset Sherbert Strain have a THC content between 18-23%, making it reasonable for people that longing a powerful and solid high that may keep going for quite a long time. On the off chance that you aren’t killed by inordinate measures of THC, this fantasy like rainbow vitality weed will have your mind in another place. Your grin will be wide and your heart full – positively.

Sunset Sherbert Weed Strain Aroma:

The smell and kind of Sunset Sherbert Weed Strain is presumably mostly what has made this cannabis become such a great amount in fame over the previous decade or somewhere in the vicinity. At the point when you first air out that container to take a whiff of these buds, regardless of whether at home or at the dispensary, your faculties will be totally inundated in a completely flavorful reality that this strain is damn scrumptious.

Sunset Sherbert Strain Flavor:

The strain highlights notes of gritty sweetness that some case helps them to remember a characteristic variant of bubblegum. Others state it is suggestive of natural products or berries, finished off with traces of establishing timberland tree-like notes.

Sunset Sherbert  Strain Appearance:

The appearance of Sunset Sherbert weed strain is that of a great cannabis bud, yet with a couple of progressively dusk like hues tossed in (very fitting for the name). The sugar leaves on SS nugs extend from yellow to neon green to a corroded earthy colored shade. These are mixed altogether with brilliant orange sun looking pistils.

Likewise, you’ll see that most pieces are covered thickly with crystalline trichomes that cause this weed to truly shine and sparkle when it is put under light. The cannabis plant itself is run of the mill of an indica. It is medium in stature with thick and shaggy stems that are thickly stuffed loaded with thick herb and strong blossoms.

On the off chance that you are pondering developing your own Sunset Sherbert weed strain, continue perusing to find out about the stuff to effectively develop this flawless harvest.

Medical Benefits of Sunset Sherbert:

Medically, numerous patients have as of late began to turn towards Sunset Sherbert Weed Strain for help. On the psychological range, this strain as of now has helped numerous who experience the ill effects of sadness, stress, and uneasiness, regardless of whether it be gentle or extreme.

Sunset Sherbert Weed Strain has been very sensational in its capacities to elevate the soul. Likewise, many enduring patients have been turning towards Sunset Sherbert Weed Strain for help. Some utilization it for mental assistance (those managing genuine conditions can fight wretchedness, stress, and uneasiness), yet additionally for the treatment of sickness, absence of craving, and ceaseless agony. These can be negative impacts of customary treatment choices.

Last Thoughts on Sunset Sherbert Strain:

With everything taken into account, on the off chance that you experience the ill effects of a state of mind like discouragement, tension, or stress, or are overseeing something like constant torment, queasiness or absence of hunger, Sunset Sherbet maryjane may end up being the perfect cannabis strain for you. It not just gives the strengthening cerebral high of a common sativa, yet in addition the helpful, narcotic like characteristics of a genuine indica.

We trust you discovered this Sunset Sherbet survey engaging, instructive, and enlightening. Remember that the utilization of cannabis is the sole duty of the client and circumspection ought to be taken. The individuals who wish to look for more data about clinical pot utilization ought to completely comprehend the laws of the state he/she lives in.

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10 Reviews For This Product

  1. 10

    by Cobb

    Yum! I love this Sunset Sherbert strain because it makes me smile, sing, and dance and chill.

  2. 10

    by Buchanan

    Loved this strain. Very mellowing but still euphoric. No couch lock or munchies for this.

  3. 10

    by Ryan

    I LOVE this strain too much! The smell and taste are nothing short of sublime. This is a true grade strain, and it’s the first strain that has moved me.

  4. 10

    by Caldwell

    I never thought I’d like an Indica dominant strain of anything, but this strain #sunsetsherbet is really good stuff, it lasts a long enough time to enjoy the joy ~excellent all around high, good in bed too I’ve always been a high energy guy, cluck cluck like a cock truck! then try it like you know ya like it
    and I Approve this message. Greenshowest gave me a second chance to believe in real product.

  5. 10

    by Anderson

    well I am high, kind of hard to focus but in a good way. Don’t partake of this before you go out because you will wanna relax! I’m hungry, sweaty, and the smell of Sunset Sherbert strain is amazing like candy,fuel and coffee!

  6. 10

    by Gardner

    wow !!! I’ve had Severe chronic Neuropathic Pain for over 2 Yrs Halfway through the high with Sunset Sherbert every pain stopped. Through the whole night I found Relief !! I’m still in with the awesome strain. This Strain is definitely worth trying for Chronic pain!!!! I hope this AMAZING Bud is around for a Long long time especially at Greenshopwest.

  7. 10

    by Dean

    Definitely top 5 strain for me. Sun Sherbert is a beautiful high its actually like a mental sunset as you wind down the day to chill. Probably my favorite indica leaning hybrid ever. I’ve never been so giggly in my life after smoking a bowl. I could totally use this as a wind-down after a party when theres just a few scraggly left and your finishing your beer and chatting a little as the night ends. just kick it solo 100% care free vibe. Love this stuff. And the best site to find it is Greenshopwest.

  8. 10

    by Thomas

    This strain is literally the best. I can concentrate or I can chill. It’s a mellow, nice wavy vibe. You are so calm but yet conscious and aware of everything There is nothing much negative thoughts dissipate and just ride a wave of stress free, care free relaxation. The Sunset Sherbert is very influential in your human live.

  9. 10

    by Talley

    Great high and taste is on point. Don’t hesitate to grab some while it’s around! please Greenshopwest keep mine.

  10. 10

    by Finke

    I absolutely love this strain. Smooth smoke.. It doesn’t last the longest, but it gives a great euphoric body high and my mind just let’s go of whatever I had going on but lasts about 20-30 mins. Unbelievably relaxing strain oh i love this Sunset Sherbert. Great before a nap or bed too, So happy it came back around for Greenshopwest I’ll grab this whenever I can and it’ll always be one of my all time favorites.

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