Orange Kush


Orange Kush Strain initiates solid cerebral elation followed by body unwinding. Stimulates body and brain, supports imagination, prompts snickers and socialization. Invigorates hunger, advances profound unwinding and rest. May cause love seat lock.


Orange Kush strain is similarly as delicious as it is unwinding. Orange Kush weed is the ideal choice for a smooth breeze down in the wake of a monotonous day. Many use it for an assortment of reasons, including restlessness, stress, real throbs, and despondency.

What Is Orange Kush Strain?

Orange Kush weed is an extraordinary blend of sativa and indica strains. Its legacy is the merging of OG Kush and Orange Bud. OG Kush is a strong indica-predominant strain with traces of Lemon Thai and Chemdawg. Its other parent, Orange Bud, is an indica predominant strain with a dash of sativa. This foundation fits a substantial portion of both sativa and indica leanings. Most cultivators concur that Orange Kush strain sits in the range and highlights about an even 50/50 split.

Orange Kush Weed has appreciated energetic prevalence among clients everywhere throughout the nation. Be that as it may, it has solid connections to those in places like Arizona and parts of the Pacific Northwest. It is a blast from the past, winning the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1994. It’s additionally a sweet strain with a spot of citrusy orange. It is strong and is notable for its soothing impacts.

Aromatics aside, this strain is ideal for a night in with companions or unwinding on the lounge chair. Clients ought not take part in complex exercises or machine activity while expending Orange Kush weed. Rather, clients should concentrate on light undertakings or thoughtful exercises. It is likewise popular in inventive circles as it is said to hone center and empower the creative mind.

Clients believe its buzz to be exciting however smooth. It is fragrant and sweet with a surge of orange that gives a false representation of its interesting nature. Its hot, peppery suggestions merge well with its extraordinary happiness prompting properties. It can create uproars running from love seat lock to chuckling and can be utilized in social circumstances to alleviate social nervousness issue.


Orange Kush strain has a smell that most clients contrast with a sweet treat. Specifically, many compare it to an orange sherbet with a trace of vanilla and earth. Its notes of hot earth loan to this strain a hearty smoke that is both sharp and satisfying. Its citrusy inclinations give it smell a touch of liveliness that waits long after the source is no more.

A few clients express that the Orange Kush weed has a rich and lively smell that isn’t excessively skunky or damp. Some state that is has some pine components. Those with a sharp feeling of smell might just have the option to recognize its alpha and beta-pinene cosmetics.


Clients with a sweet tooth can celebrate in the extreme fruity flavor. Orange Kush has notes of profound, ready oranges alongside sweet vanilla and traces of lively citrus. Those with a delicate sense of taste may get the bits of candy-coated goodness blended in with a touch of natural pine.

Different clients refer to its sharp tang on the breathe out. Its peppery delayed flavor impression might be astounding for a few. Others may invite the difference between its saccharine flavor and its hot, hot tones. While Orange Kush is an incredible decision for those that favor a better strain, it isn’t treacly or excessively cloying.


Orange Kush Strain is apropos named, and not only for its scrumptiously fruity taste. This strain includes an explosion of wild shading that is suggestive of aged oranges. The shading flourishes along the length of the buds.

Orange Kush Strain highlights an amazing presentation of splendid pieces. It likewise contains a blend of verdant dull leaves and dashes of olive. It has sizeable chunks that gloat a light covering of sugary, crystalline trichomes. The strain’s chunks are moderately enormous as well as long and overwhelming.

Orange Kush Weed Grow Info:

Orange Kush Weed seeds are feminized and can be crossed with an assortment of different strains. It is likewise a most loved of cultivators because of its tough nature. It is impervious to most types of form and buildup and doesn’t fall prey to a considerable lot of the ills that influence different strains.

It additionally is a snappy cultivator. It brags a developing time about 8-9 weeks. It is regularly utilized by those looking for a short developing time as well as a high return. It flourishes best in places that have an atmosphere similar to the Mediterranean. This incorporates warm and bright temperatures with a dry climate. Ideal temperatures incorporate a scope of around 80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Health advantages of Orange Kush Strain

In spite of its notoriety for being an incredible soothing, many have discovered numerous other important uses for this strain. Many use its properties as a pressure reliever as well as a delicate pain relieving to control migraines, body hurts, and muscle torment.

Orange Kush Weed is likewise well known among clients for its calming support. Clients have shown it invigorates craving. It has been refered to as empowering rest and unwinding, factors that may alleviate tension and melancholy.

This strain may offer some help from different conditions, for example, muscle fits and tremors.

Last Thoughts on Orange Kush Strain:

Orange Kush strain isn’t for the timid. Its high THC level implies that it might be a lot for beginners to deal with. Be that as it may, for those searching for a powerful strain, it might be an incredible fit. It is additionally flexible in developing. Its stocky and short height functions admirably for places with restricted space.

With the other developing choices accessible, for example, SOG or SCROG, it can likewise flourish and develop well. Hydroponics is a brilliant choice for this strain. When developing outside, it reacts best to atmospheres that are warm, bright, and dry.

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