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Mango Haze strain instigates elevating cerebral high described by increment in vitality, inventiveness and core interest. Advances giggling and talkativeness. Followed by body unwinding and hunger help. May cause sexual excitement, and eye pressure.


Mango Haze Strain is a splendidly adjusted crossover (half sativa/half indica) strain made as a three-path cross between the madly well known Northern Lights #5 X Skunk X Haze strains. This tasty bud brags a THC level up to 23% and an euphoric vivacious high ideal for a day inside or outside.

The beginning of this high is madly elevating, hitting hard in the head and in a split second vanishing any dashing or negative considerations or emotions. This head high fills you with an incredible feeling of imaginative vitality and inspiration that is moored by a gradually constructing loosening up body high.

This body high never entirely gets soothing or languid, making this bud perfect for day use when you need a vivacious lift that is additionally torment diminishing. Because of these impacts, Mango Haze Strain is ideal for treating exhaustion, constant pressure or tension, gentle to direct instances of gloom.

And ceaseless headaches or cerebral pains. These buds, however, have a heavenly smell of sweet mango with a dim clue. Thus, a sample of sweet tropical natural product with a trace of gritty murkiness upon breathe out that improves charmingly.

Furthermore, Mango Haze Strains, have little piecey woodland green foxtail-formed nugs. With dull golden hairs and scanty completely clear white trichomes.

Sort of High:

Mango Haze strain, for instance, instigates elevating cerebral high described by increment in vitality, inventiveness and core interest. And also, advances giggling and talkativeness. Followed by body unwinding and hunger help. May cause sexual excitement, and eye pressure.

Hereditary qualities:

The inherited beginnings of Mango Haze strain are dark. She is a potential cross between Northern Lights #5 and Skunk and Haze or between Super Silver Haze and Northern Lights.


The Mango Haze strain gets its name as its aroma takes after the smell of a new Mango. Just as possessing a scent like this sweet tropical natural product, there are additionally traces of banana and impactful, earthier smells in there as well, giving it a novel and unmistakable fragrance.


The Mango Haze strain, much the same as a new Mango, is a taste sensation. Obviously, it has a sweet and tropical, fruity mango and banana taste, mixed with an unmistakable Kush enhance.

Smokers of Mango Haze strain likewise state that it has a gritty and woody flavor, as well, with a trace of pine perceptible on the breathe out.


Appearance-wise, a Mango Haze strain plant is very short and typically possibly comes to around five feet in tallness when completely developed.

A Mango Haze strain delivers thick buds and is commonly seriously shrouded in amazing orange pistils, which are the female conceptive organs of the plant.

Health advantages of the Mango Haze Strain

Just as being an agreeable recreational strain, Mango kush weed likewise offers numerous medical advantages to the therapeutic cannabis client. Because of the elevating and euphoric high that Mango Haze Strain achieves, it gives help (yet brief alleviation) for victims of temperament issue like wretchedness and uneasiness.

The profoundly loosened up feeling experienced by smokers of Mango kush weed makes this strain an incredible method to de-push and loosen up following a long and occupied day.

Truth be told, smokers of Mango kush weed state that the profound body high likewise makes this strain successful at treating an entire host of difficult conditions, from joint inflammation and solid agony to bring down back torment, to give some examples.

The regular languor and balmy impact, which result from Mango kush weed’s sativa-predominant hereditary qualities, likewise make this strain a potential answer for individuals with a sleeping disorder.

Mango kush weed’s soothing impacts will in general kick in after the euphoric buzz of the primary hour has past, so it is significant in the event that you are smoking this strain to treat sleep deprivation, you start smoking this strain prior at night as opposed to directly before you hit the hay or you will lie conscious for some time.

Mango kush weed has been portrayed as a great “munchie-instigating” strain because of its craving improving impact. It isn’t commonly depicted similar to a go-to strain for treating queasiness yet is accepted to moderately viable as an antiemetic.

Last Thoughts on the Mango Kush Strain

The Mango Kush strain is a brilliant decision for both the recreational and restorative cannabis smoker. The recreational smoker will appreciate the underlying buzz and elevating impacts that smoking this strain realizes.

The therapeutic cannabis smoker will discover this strain compelling at treating a scope of wellbeing conditions, for example, sadness, interminable pressure, mellow agonizing conditions, and sleep deprivation, to give some examples.

Where to Buy Mango Haze Strain Online:

Mango Haze Strain is accessible on the web and at your neighborhood dispensary. In case you’re going to get them on the web however, ensure that you buy them just from legitimate online weed suppliers like Green Shop West.

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