Harlequin Strain is a sativa-prevailing strain known for its significant levels of CBD. It has a sweet and mango-like flavor that will amuse and enthrill the taste buds, and furthermore offers a velvety, woody note on breathe out. It is really similarly as interesting as the emulate for which it was named.


Harlequin Strain For Sale is a CBD-rich strain whose ubiquity originated before the ongoing influx of non-psychoactive clinical CBD strains like Charlotte’s Web. Harlequin Strain is the sativa-predominant as a result, of a few diverse landrace strains: 1970s most loved Colombian Gold, Thai and Swiss sativa landraces, and a Nepali indica assortment. These interwoven hereditary qualities may represent the strain’s name “harlequin” however, alluded to the splendidly designed outfits of conventional Italian jokesters of a similar name.

Harlequin Strain is around 75% sativa, despite the fact that it comes up short on the distinctively solid cerebral sativa high because of the moderating nearness of CBD. The standard proportion of CBD to THC in Harlequin Strain is 5:2. Cannabis lab Analytics 360 has estimated tests of this endure between 4% to 10% THC and 6% to 15% CBD. Harlequin Strain has won different Cannabis Cup grants for its CBD content in both bud and concentrate structure.

What Strain Is Harlequin?

In addition, Harlequin Strain has tight, thick buds of medium size. Its leaves are medium green with pistils that change in shading from orange to distinctive red. Regardless of lower than normal centralizations of THC, Harlequin Strain is commonly shrouded in clingy white trichomes. When appropriately restored, the buds smell musky with hints of tropical organic product underneath. The combusted blossoms have a woody, hearty fragrance and taste of mango and citrus organic products when breathed in. The smooth smoke isn’t known to incite hacking, and it completes with a rich, hashy lingering flavor.

Since its THC content is so low, and in light of the fact that its high CBD checks the psychoactive impacts of that THC, Harlequin Strain isn’t probably going to get the client especially high. Any psychological impacts appear as an inspire in state of mind, presenting a smooth attitude and taking into account some gentle tension help. A few clients report an expanded feeling of center or a move in context, yet similarly as much of the time, they’re ready to haul themselves out of this modified state and closer to restraint.

Harlequin Strain is a clone-just strain, implying that so as to develop it, imminent cultivators need to get clippings from a develop plant. These clones are regularly accessible at cannabis shows and expos, or could be acquired from a kindred cultivator. Albeit a few computerized seed organizations indicate to sell bundled seeds of Harlequin Strain, such cases ought to be respected with doubt, as the strain’s cultivators guarantee to have never discharged seeds.


The Harlequin Strain maryjane strain is a sweet-smelling plant which occupies the stay with a charming fragrance. You may at first get notes of wood and soil, however then you may see the rich vanilla notes that stand out enough to be noticed. Is definitely not a significant plant utilizing all methods, and it won’t sit tight in a space for long. A couple of customers ensure they get hints of mango, also.


Despite the fact that there is a black out pleasantness on the tongue, you might be shocked by the flavor of Harlequin Strain. It offers a powerful natural flavor alongside pine notes. At the point when you smoke it, you’ll most likely notification a velvety, woody flavor that hits the spot.


The buds of this strain are round, thick, and have a woodland green shading. The consumed orange hairs differentiate this establishment, as do the brilliant trichomes.

Sort of High:

Harlequin pot strain actuates composed high with negligible psychotropic impacts. Improves mind-set, helps vitality and expands center. Calms pressure, reduces cramps, gives generally excellent agony the board.

Hereditary qualities:

Harlequin  strain is a three-route cross between Thai, Colombian and Swiss.

Health Benefits of This Strain

At its heart, Harlequin Strain is a therapeutic weed strain. It is fundamentally utilized as a painkiller and is endorsed to people searching for help from muscle fits, cerebral pains, joint agonies, and headaches. As it raises your state of mind and encourages you feel increasingly loose, you could attempt this strain on the off chance that you are experiencing wretchedness or uneasiness.

This strain has increased a notoriety for being a calming, which is the reason it is so mainstream among people with joint torments. On the off chance that you are a first-time client and stressed over how you will respond to maryjane, this strain is a practical alternative.

Where to Buy Harlequin Strain:

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