9 Pound Hammer


The 9 Pound Hammer strain is a strain that will truly take you out, much like you've been hit with an overwhelming mallet. It is incredibly calming, and it doesn't take however a couple of hits for you to feel it. That aside, the flavor profile of 9 Pound Hammer is extremely decent. It's sweet and delicious - touting high notes of tropical leafy foods. This strain is best held for night/late night utilization.


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9 Pound Hammer Strain is an overwhelming hitting indica with an interwoven hereditary foundation. It is a three-route cross between Jack the Ripper, Hell’s Angel OG and fruity Gooberry. Deep Purple and Jesus OG has similar makers to TGA Subcool. Cannabis testing lab Analytical 360 has estimated 9 Pound Hammer Strain’s power at somewhere in the range of 14% and 23% THC.

What is the 9lb Hammer Strain?

Furthermore, 9lb Hammer is great, with huge, stout, multi-hued blossoms. The buds follow in a thick, strong development, however, with short leaves wound internal toward their focal stems. Blossoms, generally have flashes of purple because of high centralizations of anthocyanin colors in their leaves. The shades of purple rise when these shades are upset by chilly climate during the developing procedure. A front of cold trichomes covers the buds and makes them particularly tenacious.
When relieved, nine pound hammer has a solid fruity fragrance with a tropical enunciation. Like parent strain Jack the Ripper, it is fragrant of citrus and grape. In the interim, severing the buds separated gives a solid incense-like scent kindness of this present strain’s Afghani landrace ancestry.
When combusted in a bowl or a joint, 9 Pound Hammer Strain ignites with an smooth smoke that preferences woodsy and piney with a trace of lime on the breathe out. , this present strain’s articulated grape season is coincidental to its purple tints – as with some other assortment, its flavor is controlled by terpene mixes while its appearance is directed by its remarkable pigmentation.
This strain is named 9lb Hammer for an explanation: very , it hits clients over the head with its hard core sedation. Profound breathing may come all the more and solid strain may disperse. This sensation before long advances into a full-body high that may leave smokers feeling floaty and confused.
Still these much impacts,9 Pound Hammer Strain gives some unpretentious mental incitement – while it may not trigger extraordinary, cerebral reasoning, it can change discernment, making sounds or hues take on another force

9 Pound Hammer Strain: Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

The 9 Pound Hammer strain has an intricate fragrance with gritty, incense-like notes which gesture to its basically indica hereditary qualities. In any case, these are supplemented by better, fruity fragrances including traces of grape and lime.

Flavor and Aroma

These fruity notes bring through into the kind of this bud with a sweet, citrus suggestion that may even verge on a marginally tropical taste. This strain gives a smooth and rich smoke which is a genuine delight to breathe in.


The buds of 9 Pound Hammer strain are satisfyingly thick and stout. Despite the fact that their essential shading is a light, overgrown green, you may see a couple of shades of purple in among a portion of its leaves. These exist inexhaustibly among brilliant yellow and orange pistils and in the midst of a thick layer of chilly trichomes.

The buds of this strain are especially clingy and resinous, and could, accordingly, be an astounding decision for anybody considering making hash and focuses. Obviously, the most ideal approach to get hold of an enormous enough amount to do this is to become your own.

Sort of High:

9 Pound Hammer Strain is calming and its belongings are dependable. Experienced smokers ought to be the main ones to give it a shot just because, and since it will probably set you on the right track to rest, it should just be delighted in the nighttimes.

Hereditary Qualities:

Otherwise known as: 9 Mill. Reproducer: TGA Subcool Seeds. Cannabis Genetics: 9 Pound Hammer Strain is a three-route cross of Gooberry, Hells OG, and Jack the Ripper cannabis strains.

Health advantages of the 9lb Hammer Strain

This strain is wealthy in a terpene called myrcene, which is liable for its intensely steadying impacts. Consequently, 9lb Hammer Strain is a proper choice for treating issue like pressure and discouragement, just as possibly assisting with improving rest and treat conditions, for example, a sleeping disorder.

This strain loosens up the body just as the psyche, and can consequently additionally be utilized to soothe different kinds of physical agony. This strain may help individuals experiencing issues, for example, headaches, issues, and muscle fits, among other excruciating conditions.

At long last, 9lb Hammer Strain can assist with upgrading your hunger and might be helpful for individuals who are attempting to put on weight or who are enduring the symptoms of solid doctor prescribed drugs.

Conceivable Side Effects of the 9lb Hammer Strain

Like every powerful medication, this maryjane strain can possibly cause some reactions. The most well-known of these are the ever-present dry mouth and eyes that appear to go with all high-THC cannabis strains. The 9lb Hammer Strain strain may likewise cause some truly bad-to-the-bone munchies, so ensure you have a few bites to hand before you sink into the sofa.

Other conceivable reactions incorporate wooziness and cerebral pains, particularly in the event that you are unpracticed and soak up a lot in one go. Albeit 9lb Hammer Strain may cause tension in certain individuals, it is far less inclined to initiate distrustfulness than a portion of the other progressively powerful strains out there.

Last Thoughts on the 9lb Hammer Strain

Like its namesake, 9lb Hammer Strain is a substantial hitting strain that could take you out on the off chance that you don’t approach it with deference.

Be that as it may, in the event that you are searching for something to crush away your concerns and wreck a throbbing painfulness, this could be the ideal strain for you. What’s more, in spite of the fact that it probably won’t be the best decision for amateur cannabis clients, 9lb Hammer Strain is a radiant choice for the individuals who are developing weed for the absolute first time. It isn’t just easy to develop, yet in addition delivers an incredible yield that makes certain to put a grin all over.

On the off chance that you have ever had a go at smoking or growing 9lb Hammer Strain, we couldn’t imagine anything better than to get notification from you. Educate us concerning your encounters in the remarks underneath and let our locale know whether this strain is truly as large a hit as it sounds!

Where to Buy 9 Pound Hammer Strain:

9 Pound Hammer Strain can be bought at Green Shop West They are a solid online weed supplier that consistently conveys top-quality, crisp 9lb Hammer Strain.

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